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Window Box BracketsWindow Box Brackets

Deck Brackets help home bring beautify and porch, patio or deck railing by allowing window boxes to be mounted for all the neighbors to appreciate. has three styles of deck railing to choose from.  Surface or Wall mount brackets work great where you have the ability to permanently mount the bracket to any flat surface.  We also sell slip over and clamp type railing brackets that are not screwed into the railing allowing for easy removal of the brackets.  

Clamp on Deck and Patio brackets make attaching a flower box to your railing easy, secure and flexible.  No need to drill permanent holes in your deck railing when you can slip these bracket over a railing and tighten the pressure bolt to secure them to your railing. 

Pair of Wall Brackets- 6" Self

Clamp On Deck Bracket - 8" Shelf

Clamp On Deck Bracket- 10" Shelf